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              Meal replacement powder

              Ningbo Dekang's meal replacement powder is added to the medicinal food homologous and other raw materials that have been strictly tested and processed through modern processes. The scientific ratio is made into a meal replacement powder. The taste is soft and easy to absorb. No preservatives are added to ensure food. Security. The product is easy to eat, easy to carry and easy to store. It can be eaten safely with boiling water, eliminating the cumbersome steps of porridge, solving the limitations of the site, and brewing anytime and anywhere, in line with the fast-paced life of modern people. The way, men, women and children can be used.

              Product Catalog

              Can produce a variety of types, meet the personalized needs
              Black Sesame and Black Soybean FlourBlack sesame raspberry powderCoix seed powderChia seed meal substitute
              Inulin oatmealDietary cereal powderCordyceps militaris bird's nest meal substitute powderRaspberry Polygonatum Powder
              White peach seed meal substitute powderXanthophyll ester powder of Haematococcus pluvialis