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              Tablet candy

              The raw and auxiliary materials of the compressed candy produced by Ningbo Dekang have been carefully screened and extracted with modern technology to maximize the beneficial ingredients in the homologous materials of medicines and foods. The formula of the product is scientific and reasonable, and the product packaging form is bottled, which makes the product convenient and simple to eat, easy to carry and easy to store, and is deeply loved by people.

              Product Catalog

              Can produce a variety of types, meet the personalized needs
              Ejiao black sesame slicesJujube Seed Lily TabletsRaspberry tablet candyBlueberry slices
              Konjac lotus leafGinseng Oyster TabletsTaraxacum tablet candyHuangjing Lycium barbarum Tablets
              Maca Oyster SlicesCordyceps militaris oyster slicesPueraria and Hovenia dulcis TabletsOyster Peptide Tablets