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              solid drink

              The solid beverage produced by Ningbo Dekang will have a reasonable ratio of raw and auxiliary materials and products, and strictly control the moisture of the material. It is not only difficult to deteriorate, long shelf life, but also large in size, easy to carry and transport. We strictly test every link. Improve product quality and return the trust of customers with perfect products. The solid beverage is healthy, green, environmentally friendly, rich in taste and easy to carry. A cup and a cup of hot water can soak the fragrant drink. Because of its simple brewing and no geographical restrictions, it is very popular among office white-collar workers.

              Product Catalog

              Can produce a variety of types, meet the personalized needs
              Jujube Ginger TeaGinger Jujube Rose TeaGinger, jujube and wolfberry teaRed Bean Coix Seed Powder
              Cordyceps militaris powderHuangjing Lycium Barbarum GranulePueraria, papaya and red bean powderMaca okra powder
              Bird's nest powderCordyceps militaris Polygonatum solid beverage